Understanding Ascension

I have been talking a lot about the heart and divine love. There is good reason for this. Some of you have probably heard about the ascension, where it is said we will be moving into higher dimensions. I have read a lot about this over the last 20 years or so. But I have found it difficult to get a clear idea of what is happening.

Recently I came across some material that put it in quite a different light. Instead of talking about dimensions, they talked about densities. That alone made it clearer in my mind. It makes much more sense to me to talk about densities and not dimensions. So I wanted to share what I have now come to understand about the process.

We live on Earth in our solar system – meaning the group of planets revolving around the sun and our sun (hence solar system). Our solar system is part of the Milky Way Galaxy and this galaxy, and all in it, revolves around the Grand Central Sun at the centre of the galaxy. It takes 26,000 years for our solar system to make a complete rotation around this Grand Central Sun.

People used to think that space was a vacuum – this idea has now been totally turned on its head by modern quantum physics. Space is full of energy – electro-magnetic and gravitational energy. This energy and its effects vary in different areas of space. As we rotate around the Grand Central Sun, our solar system moves through different areas of space, and is affected by the energies in these different areas. Think about how energy can affect things – eg in a microwave, energy penetrates a substance and cooks it; in an x-ray, energy passes through our flesh; and radioactivity can penetrate our physical bodies. Luckily the energy we are passing through won’t cook us, or make us ill – but it will affect us.

Apparently the energy that we are moving through will affect our energetic makeup and raise our vibratory level. At present, in our current density, we are ruled by our lower chakras, and all the emotions associated with these: separation, greed, anger, hate, lust, and so on. As we move through this area of space, our energetic bodies will change from being very dense to a much higher vibration or density. We will be more focussed in our higher chakras, and will be more concerned with divine love, intuition, inter-connectedness – generally closer to our soul essence.

If you want a good visual of how this could happen, look up the link at the end of this article ‘cymatics’. It shows how sound (a vibration) creates form, and this form changes depending on the sound used in the experiment.

I feel there is a good parallel to this process found here on Earth. I have worked with the telluric field on the planet for many years. The telluric filed is the localised electro-magnetic gravitational field. It changes from one place to the next. These fields affect people in different ways. Sometimes these local fields are so strong that our ancestors looked on these areas as sacred sites. They knew the different sacred sites affected people in different ways. Some could heighten your intuitive abilities for instance, others would deepen your heart connections, whilst others would induce spontaneous healing, and so on.

In these sites, all energy is magnified, just like turning up the volume on your CD player. So to honour and care for these sites, the ancients knew people should only use them with good intention and in complete awareness of how these sites could affect you. Some of our ancestors also learnt how to build structures that could amplify certain energies – eg pyramids. There are examples of them in every country on the planet. Many of these were also built to help balance the planetary energies as well as for individual use. Our planet is energetic in nature and so is affected by electro-magnetic and gravitational energies as well.

So, why have I been focussing on divine love? When we tune into this love in our hearts, we are still, we are at total peace. All manner of chaos could be happening around us, and we would still be at peace and total stillness within. In the coming times, all manner of chaos will be happening round us. And just like an orchestra tuning up, at first everything is discordant, not at all pleasant to listen to. Then gradually as each instrument finds its right vibratory level, the sounds become more harmonious.

Similarly, when everyone on Earth is being blasted by this energy from this area of space we are in, there will be (this is probably happening right now) a lot of discordant energy – chaos, until people find their own levels within themselves, and come back into harmony again. So you can see how, by finding that heart depth within yourself, you could ride the waves of the current changes and minimise your own discomfort. Also, because we are heading into a time of heightened energies, in the higher density, we will all be deepening our heart energies, so it makes sense to start preparing for the changes. Of course there are other reasons why you would want to be more loving – it makes you more compassionate, forgiving, and grateful. It also affects everyone around you and the planet itself.

I think it is very likely I will keep talking about divine love and how we can connect with it. I hope you will take the journey with me.


Cymatics YouTube clips: