How to Respond to Chaos

In my previous blogs, I’ve been talking about the importance of Divine Love – connecting with it – being able to feel it in our hearts. Right now, after the chaos and violence over the past week, it is more important than ever to connect with this energy. When you do connect and find that peace and calm within your heart, you can be a beacon of light – in that calm and peaceful space within.

As always, we need to process any emotions brought up by external circumstances. But do so consciously. And remember, emotions are an instantaneous reaction to the world around us. The key word in that sentence is ‘instantaneous’ – ‘in an instant’. We aren’t supposed to stay in them and wallow around. The only reason we would need to stay with them and process them would be if they triggered some unresolved emotions within ourselves. That is why I say to process them consciously.

On another level, what happens in the external world can reflect what is happening within us. Only when we have fully dealt with that reflection within, can we truly detach emotionally from the issue or event and fully encapsulate Divine Love. For many of us, we have had numerous lives on this planet where we have lived out all manner of scenarios – kings / queens, paupers, ruthless tyrants, saints, and everything in between. Often we still carry remnants of these lives within us. The nature of spiritual healing is to resolve these remnants so that we live fully in the present, reacting instantaneously to each event in the now, totally free from past echoes. I believe that is the meaning of enlightenment.

So when events occur in the external world we need to look within to see what those events are triggering within ourselves. In the case of killings and revenge: Have you ever thought to yourself that the world would be a much better place if certain people weren’t alive? Have you ever relished thinking about how people would get it in the end? Have you ever thought that the way you think is the only way and all the world’s problems would be solved if everyone thought like you? These are some of the most obvious questions. Because we are energetically interdependent – any thought harboured by any individual, will add to the collective energy of the whole, and will help to feed those same thoughts in others.

So you see how important it is to reflect upon how things affect you, the emotions and thoughts that come up and to consciously deal with these. This is a work in progress of course. If we had dealt with absolutely everything, we would be totally enlightened, and probably wouldn’t stay here on Earth (unless you are a Bodhisattva – a fully enlightened being choosing to stay on Earth for service).

Once you have been able to deal with the immediate thoughts and emotions – then bring yourself back to your heart – the seat of Divine Love. This essence will sustain you, protect you, and help you to remain buoyant in the shit-storm of negative emotions, which are so prevalent in the world around us – anger, fear, hatred, blame, and cynicism.

Also be aware that there are people on this planet that do not want to ascend and would like to stop others from doing so too. These people want to keep people in fear and hatred and so are continually creating events to polarise people so they stay in their negative emotions. Don’t get sucked into this. These people make enormous profits out of warfare and control of others.

It’s been observed that these people keep inventing enemies to fear and hate – first it was the communists, next it’s the terrorists, finally it will be invasion by extra-terrestrials.

The more we disengage from this story and connect with Divine Love, the weaker their position will be. Even with this story, we cannot fear or hate these people. They are also a reflection of the whole. They have gained power because so many people gave up their own power and responsibility – often blaming everyone else for what is happening in their own lives.

We can step out of that story by being responsible for our own thoughts and emotions, being responsible for our own lives, living consciously, dealing with our own shadow. Always coming back to a place of Divine Love, feeling gratitude for our lives and lessons.

Above all we must find forgiveness within. I find the best way to do this is to recognise the divinity of the issue, event, or person we wish to forgive. Once we have found that divinity within and recognise and connect with the Divinity of the issue, event, or person – we are now free from the emotional / mental attachments to the issue. This is Forgiveness!

So dear friends, we are One in Love. We are One consciousness. Everyone is affected by what others think and feel. Choose wisely what sort of contribution you want to make to this collective conscious.


[Namaste: I recognise and respect the Divine Essence within you.]