Genetic Healing

Clearing Your Ancestral Lineages

In my work I teach a technique which clears the ancestral lineage or genetic heritage. I have found in my shamanic work with people that they can carry as much negativity in their genetic lines as they do from their past lives. Sometimes it can be a specific issue, eg addiction, sometimes it’s a negative streamer that grows down the line until it is cleared. We all carry unresolved energy from our past lives. We also carry unresolved energies from our ancestral / genetic lineages.

Many older cultures had techniques that cleared the ancestral lineages. Modern Western science discounted this wisdom trivialising it as ancestor worship. So modern Westerners turned their backs on this wisdom. Subsequently there are now many problems stemming from the unresolved negativity that is embedded in our genetics.

The relatively new science of epigenetics has shown us that our genetics can carry emotional and mental energy from one generation to the next. And Western science is now discovering that DNA is in fact malleable and can be healed. This is not news to many first nations’ people who had techniques to maintain the genetic integrity and clear genetic imbalances.

If you can accept that we are vibrational beings this makes perfect sense. Every thought form or emotion has a particular vibrational signature. So if we carry these vibrations within us they will interact with our vibrational essence. In fact Western science has shown that emotions turn on particular receptors in our DNA. If we live in love – certain receptors are turned on – if we live in hate – a completely different set of receptors will be turned on.

Any emotion less than love causes an imbalance in these receptors. This damages the genetic integrity and is imprinted in our genetic code carried by our DNA. So issues are passed down from one generation to the next. You’d be surprised what I’ve found in some people’s lineages in the journeys I’ve done using this clearing technique. However these imbalances can be healed by resolving the emotional baggage and other negativity written into our genetic heritage.

It’s not just in the immediate generations past, sometimes these imbalances can originate many generations ago. I have worked with people who’ve had ancestors who were working as shamans. The shamanic tradition is the oldest form of spirituality and was practised by peoples all over the globe.

Each tribe or village would have a shaman who was responsible for keeping the community safe on an energetic level. This would be done on many different levels: they would carry out ceremonies to clear the ancestral lineage; and employ far-sight to maintain a vigil on their borders. And they would also do ceremonies to protect the community from energetic attacks from neighbouring shamans. In an invasion – the first person targeted was the shaman, so the people would be defenceless energetically.

For the most part, shamans were able to maintain their own genetic balance. However, sometimes shamans would act unethically and this would leave large negative imprints in their genetics that would be handed down to their forebears. This negativity can be cleared shamanically and by using the clearing technique. I have worked with many stories along these lines.

I shared this information here so you can see that it’s not just a simple matter of sorting out our immediate family’s unresolved stories, but can come from many ages past. But it doesn’t matter where it comes from – it can be healed and cleared so that we can live in the present and not carry baggage from the stories from our past.

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