My name is Magaer Lennox, I am the one behind Australian Sacred Journeys.


My aim is to help people heal by inspiring them to find their own heart’s wisdom.

How did I start my journey?

In the seventies I was studying pure maths, applied maths, and physics at University. It was clear to me and my compatriots then that physics, quantum physics in particular, was going to become the modern translation of spirituality (metaphysics). I realised that if I followed the physics model, anything I would be ‘discovering’ was actually already known about in any number of the metaphysical philosophies already existing. It made more sense to me to learn from people who already knew about spirituality, than to start rewriting it. This was my journey.

And now we see many advances in quantum physics bringing it closer and closer to metaphysics and spiritual philosophies. This is important. I believe we need to rewrite our philosophies in modern-day terms. This has happened many times in the past and every time it is rewritten we grow.

I have been following Nassim Haramein and the work of the Resonance Academy. One of his quotes which I liked is “spirituality is just science we haven’t discovered yet”.

At uni I also studied psychology for a time but was more influenced by the alternative psychology I was reading out of class. There was a common thread emerging – many of the proponents of alternative psychology were influenced by Eastern philosophy. So to honour my own learning path I chose to leave my university studies and follow my heart – wherever that was going to take me – I didn’t know at the time.

I was also aware that much of the physics research at that time was being co-opted for military purposes for warfare – we were in the middle of the ‘cold war’ and nuclear war was a constant threat. I did not wish to be a part of that. This also influenced my decision to leave my university studies.

My Journey

Since that time I have studied many disciplines: colour healing and chakra balancing (8 years), Tibetan Buddhism (8 years), meditations of all varieties, shamanic journey technique (20 years and still counting). Some of the other modalities, which have helped me include NET (neuro-emotional technique), ongoing past life therapy, and clearing of my soul and genetic lines. For the past 4 years I have been attending Samvahan Workshops led by Michael Trembath. These have been a revelation and a source of constant inspiration. I have also spent a lot of time in nature, very often living in isolated powerful places. I have learned to work with the Earth energies in my shamanic work and this inspires me the most.

I see myself as an earthworker as well as a lightworker. I have done many vision quests – or rather my version of them. I will be ‘called’ to a place for 3-4 days. Sometimes there are other people there, sometimes not. I simply tune in and stay in that mode for the time I am there (generally not having any communication with people around me). All manner of beings will join me and share their wisdom, and I will often take part in an earth healing – whatever that site requires as guided by the protectors.

What I would like to share?

I would love to share my experience with others. In my one-to-one consultations I feel I have valuable insight and experience to give. I have been doing shamanic journeys now for 20 years and worked with a wide range of people on very diverse topics. In my clairvoyant readings I am able to do some energy healing as well. It’s not as in depth as a journey but still very effective. And in my workshops I feel I can help people connect to the Earth in ways they didn’t know were possible and gain new insights into themselves, the Earth, the Universe.

Teaching is my passion!

Magaer Lennox