The Magpie Story

This is a Dreamtime story from the Wathaurong People. The traditional boundaries of the Wathaurong people span the coastline from the Werribee River to Lorne peninsula and traverse inland in a north-westerly direction towards Ballarat. ‘Long time before today… The sky covered the earth making everyone crawl around in the dark. The Magpies, being proud and industrious, gathered and worked … Read More


Recently I was travelling back to Alice Springs from Victoria. I had stopped for the night in Nhill a small town in Western Victoria, and rented a cabin. When it was time to go to bed, I noticed a spirit sitting at my table – it was a male Aboriginal Elder. His presence felt benevolent so I wasn’t alarmed. As … Read More

How to Respond to Chaos

In my previous blogs, I’ve been talking about the importance of Divine Love – connecting with it – being able to feel it in our hearts. Right now, after the chaos and violence over the past week, it is more important than ever to connect with this energy. When you do connect and find that peace and calm within your … Read More

Understanding Ascension

I have been talking a lot about the heart and divine love. There is good reason for this. Some of you have probably heard about the ascension, where it is said we will be moving into higher dimensions. I have read a lot about this over the last 20 years or so.

The Nature of Love

I talked about being in the heart and the power of love in my last blog. I’d like to go further with this today. The word ‘love’ has many different meanings. In some languages there are different words for different aspects – divine love, brotherly/sisterly love, paternal love, intimate love, for instance. In English, we have only one word, which … Read More

Activism from the Heart

Following on from my last blog – there are many things happening in the world that we may feel we need to work against. But of course this is the dilemma – if we join the protests, demonstrate, write letters, etc, etc – we are focussing energy onto the problem. According to the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘manifestation’ – if … Read More

Atlantis Revisited

As we move into the future we continue to unravel and heal the past. There are times in our past, which still hold many lessons for us to learn, and much for us to heal and resolve. One such time, fraught with many difficulties on all levels, was the civilisation of Atlantis. Initially this was a time of great technological … Read More

Genetic Healing

Clearing Your Ancestral Lineages In my work I teach a technique which clears the ancestral lineage or genetic heritage. I have found in my shamanic work with people that they can carry as much negativity in their genetic lines as they do from their past lives. Sometimes it can be a specific issue, eg addiction, sometimes it’s a negative streamer … Read More

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