The Nature of Love

I talked about being in the heart and the power of love in my last blog. I’d like to go further with this today.

The word ‘love’ has many different meanings. In some languages there are different words for different aspects – divine love, brotherly/sisterly love, paternal love, intimate love, for instance.

In English, we have only one word, which encompasses all the aspects of love. This is why the nature of divine love is often misunderstood. I feel it’s important to understand the nature of the different aspects of love to avoid misunderstanding their essence.

We experience the vibration of divine love in our heart chakras. This is how we connect with ‘All That Is’. It is quite a different to the vibration of emotional love, which we experience in our solar plexus chakra.

Divine love is a pure essence in that it can’t be subverted or manipulated by the ego. It is unconditional and all-encompassing. It will never cause anyone pain or regret or anger or fear. Emotional love, on the other hand is conditional, and can be manipulated by the ego. It will cause people pain, regret, anger, and fear.

Emotional love is experienced in the solar plexus when we connect with someone else in the solar plexus. This chakra is one of the lower 3 chakras – the personal chakras. This connection with others is a very necessary part of being human.

We only experience problems when this connection is broken. Often this brings up emotions – anger, fear, jealousy, etc. This is the ego trying to protect ourselves – it has nothing to do with loving anyone else.

Our media and entertainment industries are full of examples of this emotional love. They put it on a pedestal – often promoting the idea that it’s OK to be passionate – angry, controlling, abusive – because a love connection has gone wrong. But this is elevating the ego to a place that it shouldn’t be.

Sometimes we can also have a heart connection with another when we connect emotionally. This is also why many people misunderstand the nature of intimacy – strong emotional love can lead to true heart love, but that isn’t always the case. If the heart connection is strong and true, a person may experience same anguish when the emotional connection is broken, but will never allow the lower emotions to control them.

You see this is the difference between divine love and emotional love – they come from different places and define our behaviors in very different ways.

So when I write about being in a love space because that enhances our ability to manifest and live in wholeness – I am talking about divine love. It is the vibration that enables us to connect with ‘All That Is’; it is the vibration that protects us from the lower negative energies.

Our future on this planet is dependent on being able to be in this energy because that is where the ascension process is taking us. When you are connected, you will feel slightly removed from the negativity around you, you will feel calm and centred – even if surrounded by chaos.

‘Keep calm in the heart’ is a quote from an interview I heard recently. That is the most important thing to remember right now. In the calmness you will hear your guidance from your higher self. You will also be able to promote healing in your physical/emotional/mental bodies from this place of calmness.

Like a cork floating on the waves – no matter what turbulence is around – you will be able to rise and fall with the waves in a self-contained ball of energy. There will be turbulence because many people aren’t able to connect with their hearts and so are totally at the whim of their volatile emotional egos. Often they will try to project their realities on others around them, because they aren’t able to look within. If you are in a heart space this energy will not stick.

However if you are still working through similar lessons, then you may be affected because that energy exists within you. But then it is just a matter of dealing with this. If you can maintain your connection with the vibration of divine love within, you will be able to navigate your way through any difficulties.

This would apply to most of us. Realistically, if we are totally in our hearts with no issues, we probably wouldn’t be here now, on this planet – and would qualify as a saint.

So stay true to your hearts. Acknowledge and work with your emotional needs – but always allow your higher self to steer your course. Your ego has a legitimate purpose in your life, but should never be in control.

We are in an amazing place right now – the Dark Night is nearly over. The Dawn will be magnificent.