Atlantis Revisited

As we move into the future we continue to unravel and heal the past. There are times in our past, which still hold many lessons for us to learn, and much for us to heal and resolve.
One such time, fraught with many difficulties on all levels, was the civilisation of Atlantis. Initially this was a time of great technological advancement, both within and without, including our spiritual technologies.
However there were negative pockets, which grew and grew. Added to this, there were several Extraterrestrials working with the people of Atlantis. As the energies became more polarized between the dark and light, so too did these civilisations.
So there were many dark ETs working toward enslaving the human race. At the same time there were many light ones working to help humans to liberate themselves.
In Atlantis there was experimentation with genetic manipulation. A whole servant race was created – part human and part animal. Spiritual technologies were used to control people. Also, experimentation with merkabah fields created rifts in dimensions, which allowed in a lot of negativity that had no place here.
Sound familiar?
Now we are facing the dark side – both human and alien – who plan on creating a worker planet here on Earth – where people are totally under their control. This is being done by destruction of the natural ecosystems, thus allowing control over the food and water systems on Earth. Their tools include genetically modified food and seeds, mining, forestry, fracking that destroys the planets natural fresh water, and vaccinations that compromise people’s health so they are totally reliant on big pharma and their dangerous drugs.
This is the shadow of Atlantis – the lessons that we are resolving at present. Whatever we do, we cannot let ourselves be drawn into fear. Righteous anger can be an appropriate response to each new act of total bastardy. But anger will not sustain us in our quest for the light. The only thing that sustains us is our divine connection with All That Is – Love.
So, be human, allow yourselves to feel and express your emotions – but always bring yourselves back to the heart. Remember – the momentum toward the light is still with us, and it is unstoppable.
Think of it as a snowball – when the snowball starts rolling down the hill, it is small and easily stopped. As it progresses, it grows and grows, till finally it is that big that nothing will stop it. In fact it may even trigger an avalanche.
Well that momentum toward the light is unstoppable – it is getting close to starting and avalanche.
So feel and act as you need to, but stay with the light, stay strong, stay fearless!