Healing Your Inner Child

1-day workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to work with your inner child to heal your past so that it no longer impinges on your present. We all carry wounds from our childhood that, if not dealt with, colour our present reality. By working with these childhood wounds and clearing them, we allow ourselves to be more present and react to what is happening in the now. Otherwise, we allow our realities to be defined by our hurt inner children.

This often means we react to life from our child selves, not our adult selves. Most people would have noticed this in others, but may be blind to their own behaviours. But we can heal these hurts and move into the present and behave as our authentic adult selves.


Genetic Clearing

1-day workshop

In this workshop I teach a specific technique which clears the ancestral lineage. This technique can also be used shamanically to clear specific issues, blockages, and negativity in the genetic template. This template is passed on in our DNA.

Western science is now discovering that DNA is in fact malleable and can be healed. This is not news to many first nations’ people who had techniques to maintain the genetic integrity and clear genetic imbalances.

I have found in my shamanic work with people that they can carry as much negativity in their genetic lines as they do from their past lives. Sometimes it can be a specific issue, eg addiction, sometimes it’s a negative streamer that grows down the line until it is cleared.