Activism from the Heart

Following on from my last blog – there are many things happening in the world that we may feel we need to work against. But of course this is the dilemma – if we join the protests, demonstrate, write letters, etc, etc – we are focussing energy onto the problem.

According to the ‘law of attraction’ and ‘manifestation’ – if we focus on a topic – we feed that energy around it. This may work on a short-term basis – helping to inform others so they act and create something better. But in the long term, it is much better to focus on positive aspects and grow the energy around those aspects.

Mother Theresa stated she would never go to an anti-war demonstration, but would be the first to go to a pro-peace demonstration. Whilst we know the theory, it can be hard to sit back and witness the ongoing destruction of our environment, our world, our home. So on a practical level we tend to balance the need for prompt direct action and long-term changes at a much deeper level.

Then the question arises – how do I contribute to the longer-term changes. This requires an understanding about what brings you into your heart-space, because the affect you have on others and the collective energy around you is in direct proportion to how connected you are with your own heart.

At a very basic level – it is simply finding what makes your heart sing – what makes you so excited that you can’t wait to wake up in the morning, what brings you deep joy???

Through our hearts we connect with the Universal source, we interact with source. This source energy is infinite. So when we connect with our hearts and source energy we are able to channel infinite energy. So you can see how your affect on all those around you grows exponentially when you connect with source through the heart.

Your heart also helps to integrate all your different aspects – it harmonises and balances your other chakras. So by finding your heart’s passion you will be living your life to the full – maximising your karmic lessons and fulfilment, maximising your health – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and maximising your affect on others around you.

A wonderful example of this is Amma. She has inspired millions of people around the world just by living her love. She hasn’t set up chartites to help people and yet people around her have been so inspired by her that millions of dollars have been donated to enable her humanitarian projects. and creative low-cost solutions have also been found to promote these same projects.

By finding your way into your own heart and living the expression of that – your passion – you will inspire others to find their own hearts. This is how we promote and enable positive change in the world. This is activism from the heart.