Recently I was travelling back to Alice Springs from Victoria. I had stopped for the night in Nhill a small town in Western Victoria, and rented a cabin. When it was time to go to bed, I noticed a spirit sitting at my table – it was a male Aboriginal Elder. His presence felt benevolent so I wasn’t alarmed. As I was tired from driving I communicated with him that I needed to sleep now and would chat with him in the morning if he was still there. I then went to bed.

Well he had other ideas about when we’d have our chat. At 4.30 in the morning the TV came on at full volume. I woke immediately, as you would imagine. I was still tired and tried to convince myself I could sleep through the noise – but then realised that wasn’t going to happen – it was so loud. I’d like to add that it was on a different station to what I had been watching the night before, and I had only had it on a low volume.

So I got up and headed towards the TV – only stopping to get a drink of water. As I was pouring the water, with my back to the TV, I heard a woman starting to speak ‘I’m a proud Yankunytjatjara woman’. She said this with much conviction. I felt the message reverberate in my being. I could feel the male Elder at the table – he was smiling. Then I realised why he was there – to remind me.

I have been getting a particular card in my tarot readings for some time now: ‘It’s time to come out of the closet’. Well I came out of the closet many years ago with respect to my sexuality. In fact in 2018 I attended to 40th anniversary of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney as a 78er and was in one of the lead floats for the parade. I can’t get much more out of the closet than that!

I believe I have Aboriginal heritage – specifically Yankunytjatjara – and have many experiences to back this up, but I have nothing on paper to say so. Because of this, I have been cautious about talking about it. But the message from the Elder to me is that I need to own it now.

I have also been getting promptings for a while to write – so it seems I need to write about my experiences. This one is first on my list.

Magaer Lennox