I found my way to Magaer at a time of profound change in my life, in a moment of being torn between two places. Her first words to me in my reading landed deep in my soul and spoke to me authentically. They changed my life. Since that first reading I have experienced Magaer’s Shamanic Journeys. With Magaer I feel … Read More

Sylvia L

Working with Magaer so far I have experienced profound shifts and healing on physical, emotional and psychic levels. Her confident grounded sense of place and self has provided a safe and accessible space to enable deep transformations to occur. It has also been a really fun time with Magaer – who would have known exploring and healing across timelines and … Read More


“I have recently had a Spiritual Reading session with Magaer and an earlier Shamanic Journey.  In both sessions Magaer was able to offer deep insights into many areas of my life through her ability to “tap into” the spiritual realms and the guidance has resulted in much more clarity, understanding and positive direction for my life.”


“Magaer has given me much support and guidance over the ten years I have known her. I feel safe with Magaer as she treats me with great respect and sensitivity. Her nurturing nature makes me feel confident that I am in good hands. I find the Shamanic Journeys offer me insight and a clearer understanding of the past and its … Read More


“I was going though a difficult period in my life and out of frustration, I consulted Magaer with the hope that I would be able to have a better understanding and feel better about my current situation. The experience brought clarity, as I had hoped, and over the next few weeks I found the problems were resolved and I was … Read More


“After searching for answers for over 30 years, I have found the shamanic journeys offered by Magaer have been the most life altering healings I have ever experienced. During the last 4 years, I have cleared my ancestral linage, resolved past life issues, reintegrated soul fragments, and generally gained a much better understanding of myself. Magaer conducts her journeys in … Read More

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