I found my way to Magaer at a time of profound change in my life, in a moment of being torn between two places. Her first words to me in my reading landed deep in my soul and spoke to me authentically. They changed my life. Since that first reading I have experienced Magaer’s Shamanic Journeys. With Magaer I feel … Read More


“Magaer’s psychic reading was clear and straightforward and helped to clarify recent decisions I had made. A few weeks after the reading I had a conversation with a family member and the conversation confirmed almost word for word what Magaer had said on a particular situation.”


“Magaer’s reading was so accurate, informative, and insightful. Things brought up in the reading were ‘spot on’. Magaer’s reading was nearly word for word to a reading I had with another psychic who I found to be incredibly accurate in the past. I was so blown away that I will definitely be going back for another reading.”


“I have recently had a Spiritual Reading session with Magaer and an earlier Shamanic Journey.  In both sessions Magaer was able to offer deep insights into many areas of my life through her ability to “tap into” the spiritual realms and the guidance has resulted in much more clarity, understanding and positive direction for my life.”

Claire Haywood

“WOW !!! I had an amazing reading with a wonderful woman Magaer. I found she was spot on with what is happening for myself & my family. I came away feeling clear, centred & inspired. I felt some healing happening during the session which was pleasant. I was left with new possibilities for the future that I hadn’t considered. It clarified a lot of questions … Read More

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