Croydon |

“It is difficult to know where to start. I met Magaer and had a strong sense of solidness, groundedness and safety. I decided to have a reading with her the next day. It was completely different to what I expected and what I loved the most was that she just cut to the chase – there was no mucking around. It was very clear and true. I noticed a different sense of myself – a confidence and assuredness that I had never felt before. Since then I’ve attended meditation classes with Magaer and have had a shamanic journey with her. The meditations are wonderful, surprising and inspiring. The journey has resolved long-standing issues in my relationship with my Dad that I didn’t realise were possible to shift. These benefits have spilt over to other relationships in my life that I hadn’t even realised were related. Many things that seemed difficult, now feel simple and even humourous at times. Amazing! Thank you Magaer.”